• Entering Girth Flange Data

We can insert dimensional data for any nonstandard Flange or Girth Flange. There are fields concerning entering data for diameter and the number of Stud Bolts on this menu which are merely used to calculate the real weight of Girth Flange. You must be wary that completing these data will not result in including any Stud Bolt in the program, and in case you need related Stud Bolts in addition to Girth Flange, you must insert them on Extra Part as Stud Bolt page.  Moreover, remember that the dimensions recorded in diameter and thickness fields come after machining. Thus, if you intend to order raw materials so as to do the machining in your own organization, do not disregard noting the required extra.

Fig. 102 – (Girth Flange Data Insertion Menu)



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