• Plate(Shaped)

This option is designed for any item which is made of Plate, which is constructed according to one of the default shapes in the following figure, and for whose insertion you have found no area in the software! (For instance, suppose that you intend to insert an item for Lifting Lug or items as Baffle). First click on Shape, and then select your required option. Next, enter the demanded dimensions.

Fig. 84 – (Extra Plate as Shape Options)

You will be able to select your desired option(s) among the 16 existing patterns (which include nearly all the required samples) on Extra Part as Shape page, and set their parameters.

In this page’s Grid, you can view all the items that you have so far entered in the software for a specific project. Clicking on each image (in the yellow part) activates the respective menu and you can enter its parameters.

Fig. 85 – (An Example of Extra Plate as Shape Data Insertion Menu)

These items are eventually transferrable to 2D-Nesting as Shape Plate, and will be taken into account in preparing the cutting plan.  This subject is explained in detail in Nesting section.

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