PVManage software acts automatically in identifying, classifying, and estimating the materials for those items which are entered through respective forms as well as their attachments and accessories (if any). For example, if you have defined a Nozzle from Plate, and this nozzle includes attachments and accessories such as: (Reinforce Pad, Vortex Breaker, Blind Flange,)

All pieces will be taken into account in material calculations and there is no need for your any control. You only have to make sure of the accuracy of the entered master data. However, if you have items which accompany the equipment as an exception, and you have not been able to enter their data on any of the software’s pages, you will have to enter their data on Extra Parts section.

Fig. 81 – (Area for Entering Data for Unconventional Items)

Items which are entered in this area do not outbound these five cases. For example, if you intend to consider an internal ring as Demister Supporter, the area for its insertion would be Shape. Or if you intend to enter Stud Bolts data for a Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, you will have to use Stud Bolts option.

It is highly recommended that you name the items meticulously and according to its function in the equipment and then enter in the Subject field. This issue will assist you to a large extent in identifying and tracking the item (particularly when preparing the cutting plan).


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