On Head page, mentioning “Consider Plate in Cutting” is the most important option which must be taken into consideration beside dimensional data.

Fig. 52 – (Entering Head Data Menu)

You are able to make reports out of project Heads In different manners. Some Heads (depending on their type, diameter, thickness, or material) are usually possible to be constructed inside the factory while manufacturing equipment. In that case, if “Consider Plate in Cutting” is adjusted on “Yes”, required plates will be taken into account to construct Head when preparing cutting plan (and material estimation which follows). Mentioning “No” means that you intend to purchase this item from outside the factory and that you do not need its plate supply.

Development plate for constructing Ellipsoidal 2:1 Heads is calculated based on the number you consider. You must set the thickness of the primary plate (Before Forming); it is out of the software’s obligation due to its experimental nature and conditions of the forming equipment.

With respect to Hemispherical Heads, development plate will be calculated without margin and merely based on theory area; however, aforementioned statements regarding thickness of the primary plate still count.

As soon as entering and registering the intended Head, the software will direct you to the respected form so as to set the conditions of your constituent plates.

Fig. 53 – (Menu of Calculations of Head Development Plate)

With regard to the plate’s width and the factor you enter to calculate the development plate, dimensions of the required raw plate will be calculated and displayed.

Development factor is usually inserted as a number between 13 and 25 percent according to the plate’s type and thickness as well as the experiences gained from the forming equipment. In case you lack any exact information about the number, it is strongly recommended that you consider it 22 percent. There is no doubt that the less the width of the plate, the more parts the Head will be divided into (at most 3 parts). In dimensional calculation of the parts, the condition holding that the smallest part not be smaller than 1/3 of radius will be met by the software. If you do not believe in dimensions calculated by the software, or you intend to produce the Head using another arrangement – and not the software – you can enter and register data through “Extra Part as Shape” menu.

If you click on “Assign to This Head Item” after registering data, calculated plate parts are registered by the software and you move back to Head data inserting page. In this case, you can observe each record’s constituent plates by right clicking on it.

Fig. 54 – (Head Constituent Plates Display)

Each Head constituent plate is registered individually in the software. It is quite possible to provide separate cutting plans for them or manage them collectively next to other project plates. This subject will be explained in detail in “Nesting” section.

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