• Defining Nozzle Attachments and Accessories

The majority of fields on this page are selective and unreliable data are blocked, considering the clarifications presented above. Completing the Roll Margin for nozzles made of plate is a fine detail to be taken into account. (For more information refer to chapter 5). Following entering nozzle general data, you can either save them or specify the respective nozzle’s attachments and accessories, prior to that. Keep in mind that in case you intend to introduce or alter the attachments and accessories of a nozzle data after saving them, you have to transfer the data to Field area by double clicking on one of its data in Grid area so as to create the possibility of change.

Choose the intended option(s) one by one through the Attachments drop down list afterwards.

Fig. 56 – (Choosing Nozzle Attachments and Accessories)

It is reminded that only one option can be selected between Reinforce Pad and Self-Reinforce; the list above is adjusted automatically with regard to the data within the fields. We use the Attachments sliding list merely to add and remove nozzle attachments and accessories. Each option is elaborated on regarding their technical usage.

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