• Vortex Breaker

If your nozzle has Vortex Breaker, you must use this menu to insert its data. Choosing Default, two pieces of plate with equal length and width one and a half times that of the respective nozzle’s diameter and a thickness of 10 millimeters plus related materials (as mentioned in Chapter 5 concerning Material Index) will be included.

Fig. 61 – (Vortex Breaker Addition and Removal Subsidiary Menu)

After specifying each nozzle’s attachments and accessories on the right side of the Grid, related options will be checked.

Fig. 62 – (Checking Each Nozzle’s Attachments and Accessories)

This section has a decorative function and you are to use the menu in Attachments to remove each case. However, you can classify them by using Filtering Tools.

Each attachment and accessory added to the nozzle enjoys its own specific dimensional data and material. To view these data, right click on each record and choose the desired option.

Fig. 63 – (Activating Attachments and Accessories Dimensional Data Menu)

You can view each options technical data by choosing it.

Fig. 64 – (Viewing Technical Data for Each Nozzle’s Attachments and Accessories)

You are not able to alter these data since they are attached to the main nozzle. You are, however, able to alter its materials by double clicking on the respective record. In this manner, you can apply and save your desired changes.

Fig. 65 – (Capacity to Alter Material for Each Nozzle’s Attachments and Accessories)

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