• Entering Nozzle Projection On Shell Data
  • No Offset

Clicking on Nozzle Projection, activates the respective menu, depending on the nozzle location defined at the time of data registration.

Fig. 66 – (Data Insertion Menu for Nozzle Projection)

If you intend to calculate the nozzle’s length via the software, you must click on Calculate after inserting the data so that the nozzle’s length is calculated. In case the data you enter are wrong regarding their dimensions, warning addresses the length calculated for the nozzle and its registration (which is done by clicking on Transfer Data) will not be allowed!

Fig. 67 – (Impossibility of Inserting the Wrong Length for Nozzle Projection)

You are allowed to insert the nozzle’s length manually. This issue appears as a subtitle to show that the nozzle’s length is adjusted by the user.

Fig. 68 – (Distinguished Mark of Nozzle’s Length Adjusted by the User)

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