• Entering Nozzle General Data

Nozzle page contains the most data value in PVManage software. We also have the most number of subsidiary pages on this page. The simplicity of the form is maintained in order to avoid the large amount of complexity and density in the subsidiary forms. However, inserting the subsidiary data is considered through certain measures, as well. Intelligent manner of controlling inter-related data is one of the most important factors taken into account in designing this page. It is applied in 6 types below:

Size x Rating                        Standard x Size

Size x Schedule                   Standard x Facing

Size x Type                          Standard  x Type

This means that in case you choose an option from each field, other fields will be adjusted in such an intelligent manner that unreliable data (data which do not exist technically) will be blocked. As an example, suppose that you have chosen a nozzle’s size and standard as follows. Since there is no size 2″ in API-605 standard, you will not be able to choose the rating and thus unreliable data will be blocked.

Fig. 55 – (Unreliable Data Blocking on Nozzle Page)

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