Each equipment can appropriate the data of only one Support. On that basis, the page which opens at the time of inserting each item’s Support data is in accordance with what you have defined for it in “Design Data” page. If the type of Support alters through time and due to any reason, you have to correct it in “Design Data” page first, and then retry to enter the new Support data.

In this case, the old Support data will be removed from the software automatically. Therefore, keep in mind that in case you try to change the Support type, you must enter the new Support data immediately. This is due to the reason that in case you have not entered the new data and try to make either the material list or the part list, the related support data has not been taken into account!

To start, you have to click on this icon ( ). Once the respective menu is activated, you can view a list of the status of all the equipment’s Supports, using Show All Items.

Fig. 88 – (Viewing the Existing Supports)


Select your equipment number from Item No. drop down list and click on Search.

Fig. 89 – (Selecting Support Type Menu)

After selecting the equipment name, the Support type related to this equipment (which you have specified on Design Data page) appears and the page will be activated for inserting data.

With regard to what has been mentioned earlier, noting that each equipment can have only one Support, if the Support type is altered due to any reason after inserting an equipment’s Support data, the precious Support data will be completely removed from the program and is irretrievable!

Therefore, if you intend to alter an item’s Support, keep this in mind quite essentially that even if you accidentally altered an equipment’s Support on “Design Data” page and you realized your mistake, you will have to correct the item again on “Design Data” page prior to moving to Support page. This is because the software’s mechanism is designed in a way that an item’s Support page will be updated immediately after viewing it and searching an item; you will, thus, be provided with the latest data.

It is also recommended that in case you alter an equipment’s Support, you enter the Support data in the first place; since your equipment will lack Support data from the alteration point onward.


  • Saddle

Saddle page provides the possibility to enter one or more types of Saddle with different data per equipment!

Approving this issue might technically seem unacceptable at first. However, imagine an inclined equipment with its Wear Plates having varying lengths and contact angles. In that case, it is necessary to enter each Saddle individually. The figure below shows what has been noted above.

Fig. 90 – (Saddle Data Insertion Menu)


  • Quick Calculator

To enter data for Saddle’s constituent pieces, you can also use Quick Calculator. This option activates a special calculator for you which having received the primary data, conducts a number of key calculations and transfers the results to the respective fields for insertion.

Fig. 91 – (Quick Calculator Tool)

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