• Restore Deleted Record

In case you have removed a record by accident, or you would like to restore data of one of the removed records to Grid, you can right click on the removed record on Deleted Records History and select “Restore This Record”

Fig. 22 – (Deleted Records’ Restoration)

In this case, one of the following may take place:


  • Removed data do not exist in Grid area for the time being. Therefore, a new record, including the restored data, will be added to Grid.
  • The same data exist in Grid. Thus, restored and new data will be aggregated without a new record to be added.


In both cases, if data include subsets, the user is in charge of producing them, and this task is reminded by the software. (For more information on data with subsets refer to Body Flange page in chapter 9)

Prior to data resetting, irreversibility of the process will be notified to the user.

Fig. 23 – (User’s confirmation prior to Removed Data Restoration)

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