• What to do after software installation?

Installing the software is needed as a base engine. You can download the software’s latest version for free via the link below:

Download Center

  • User panel adjustment in the website

Any activity leading to payment bust be conducted via the website. To that end, you must first register your membership in the site. Therefore, the first step following software installation is completing the user panel. To do that, click on “Client Area” on PVManage site and choose the respective option from the menu.

Fig.1 – (Membership Application Menu in the site)

After that, complete user information menu so that you can make a purchase. If you plan to use the trial version of the software, you can log in with “demo” username and “demo” password and control all the software qualities prior to purchase. Remember that in this case, all the software sections are observable; however, you will not be able to change or save data.

Fig.2 – (User Panel Adjustments)

If you are willing to work with the software alongside with your colleague team in the sovereign organization and use the software personally outside the organization; or if you own different roles in different projects in your sovereign organization, perhaps you would feel the need to define user panels with varying usernames on the site! But this is not necessary and one username would suffice. As soon as choosing the given project, your role will be adjusted accordingly. Thus, avoid having different usernames since that is not necessary. After registration and user panel activation, you will be required to define your plan. This plan consists of the number of projects, the number of equipment, and the number of groups you intend to form. Prior to panel description, yet, five key words must be defined.

  • Familiarization with Key Words
  • Equipment

In PVManage software, equipment has the same definition we deal with in projects. You must consider each pressurized item as an equipment. This is due to the fact that you need to insert its information into the program quite independently. If for example:

You have a purchase order including 20 pressure vessels or another purchase order constituting of 12 heat exchangers and both belong to a single specified oil, gas, or petrochemical project or not, you must consider 32 equipment in your purchase plan.

  • Project

By project in PVManage software, we mean a set of equipment which, according to your diagnosis, can or must be managed alongside and as a collection. Your project can be either your purchase order, a combination of two purchase orders of a specified oil, gas, or petrochemical project, or a part of a specific purchase order which is broken down due to certain reasons (for instance differences in material or equipment size).

  • Group

Group in PVManage software signifies a set of equipment which regardless of their coexistence in a project (as mentioned above), stand together owing to reasons dealing with their construction, priorities, or homogeneity (concerning material, size,…).

As an example, suppose that your organization intends to integrate 4 pressure vessels from a purchase order and belonging to an employer into 3 heat exchangers from another project and belonging to another employer as a group due to certain reasons and manage the entire equipment subjects independently.  In that case, regardless of the project definition, we require a group definition.

  • Price Plan Concept

Similar to any other purchase you make in real or virtual space, the more your purchase rate, the more the reductions offered to you. On that account, defining a plan that both meets your expectations technically and proves to be economic is of ultimate importance. The online version of PVManage software is designed in a way that you, as a user, would not have to pay for buying the software. Or else, the software would turn practically “not for sale,” figuring on users providing for its price and costs carried for its design and formation from the purchase spot. As a result, software sale strategy is mainly based on the online version (although selling offline version is possible, as well).

With regard to the aforementioned statements, we strongly recommend you to choose your appropriate plan based on the suggested plans as well as the Price Calculator existing on the site. In the following figure, 4 suggested plans are presented.

Fig.3 – Price Suggestion Plans


  • Price Calculator

If the number of your equipment items does not conform to the suggested plans or you consider another combination of project, group, and equipment figures, you can calculate the price, using Plan Calculator.

You are able to download Plan Calculator via the address below:


An example of a plan is presented in the next figure which is calculated using Plan Calculator.

Fig. 4 – Example of a Purchase Plan Calculated Online



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