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Compare Report is one of the most practical reports of PVManage software which contributes to a great extent in accurate price estimation. It is customary that equipment fabricators estimate the price and participate in the tender usually without an accurate materials estimation (or with a superficial estimation) and with more reliance on data entered in the owner’s data sheets. On that basis, the accuracy of the estimated price depends on the accuracy of the data entered in data sheets; and if the aforementioned data are subject to diversion, price estimation will undergo major problems, as well. Suppose that an equipment’s weight is recorded as 125,000 Kg in its data sheet (which is provided to you by the owner). If we consider the area of this equipment as 100,000 Rials per Kg, 100 million Rials of error per one ton of difference in weight estimation will appear in price estimation!

If the real weight is 138,000 Kg and your competitor has estimated the weight with double accuracy, your competitor’s price will be 13,800,000,000 Rials and yours 12,500,000,000 Rials. It is quite clear that if the employer’s decision is based on the offered price, you will win the tender while your competitor will be removed! This story, however, has another side and that is your 1,300,000,000 Rials-loss which is imposed on you through the entire project. Although the contract might be held on the basis of the scale’s weight and you obtain your rights by the end of the project, you will have as much piled demands as mentioned during the project whose loss resulting from lack of it will be notable economically till the end of the project!

If the weights stated above are considered the reverse (that is the real weight be 125,000 Kg and entered 138,000 Kg by mistake in the owner’s data sheet), your competitor who has conducted the primary estimations more accurately will still win the tender!


You can see that your sovereign organization has been the main loser in both cases!

The produced report titled “Compare Report” has in fact applied the weight of each equipment’s entire constituent pieces in calculations and compares the equipment’s real weight with the entered weight in the data sheet (which is inserted as Erection Weight); this happens provided that you have registered your data in the PVManage software even during the process of technical and financial ordering. The outcome of this comparison will be the real and theoretical weight difference which is the source of your gain and loss, and usually plays an invisible role in the project.

If you have registered your data in the software from the ordering stage and win the tender, you can continue the project’s next steps relying on those very data, and in case you do not win the tender, you have prevented unwanted and hidden loss threatening your sovereign organization.

In any case, you have won the game!!

Fig. 115 – (An Example of Compare Report Reports)



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