Prior to introducing the reports, it is significant to bring into light some key issues:

  1. Variety, Accuracy, Rapidity, and Up-to-date quality of reports that PVManage software presents form one of the strong Points of it.
  2. All reports in PVManage software include title, date, time, and the producer’s name. Therefore, all the reports are documentary and there is no need for them to be documented.
  3. None of the reports are saved in PVManage software. Thus (and according to items mentioned in part 1), all reports are produced by the user at the time of request. Applying edition on reports, hence, is an unnecessary topic. The validity of each report is based on the latest data entered in the software by the request time.
  4. If you require archiving and maintaining the reports’ previous versions, you have to consider an area on your computer to save and archive them as wanted.
  5. Each movement within the software is both track able and reportable. The possibility of reporting is devised on all pages.
  6. Reports will be generated as soon as possible and this process does not consume your time. Therefore, click on the related icon whenever you need a report!
  7. Item Reports Menu is used to extract data related to an item (and in cases a group of items). To produce each report, except for Paint, Weld, and Compare Report, you are required to select the respective item from the Drop Down List first and then click on the desired report’s icon.

Fig. 106 – (Item Reporting Menu)


If you have not chosen a specific item with regard to Paint and Weld reports, the report will be generated on all the current project’s items.

The point worth mentioning about these reports is the table’s color which is considered blue for distinguishing between this report and other ones.

Grid reports (which have been explained earlier) will be produced in dark lateritious (brick-red).


  • Design Data

Design Data report will produce data which you normally insert on fabrication drawings. Based on that, if you have entered the data that exist in this report into the program, a report similar to the following figure will be produced by clicking on the related icon:

Fig. 107 – (An Example of Design Data Reports)



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