• Part List

Part List report is one of the most thorough reports in the software which is produced with a complete structure including its dimensional data, piece number, piece description, weight, and number, and insertion in fabrication drawing forms its most important function.

Part List report comprises all the pieces which are interrelated with the intended item. In other words, you will notice in Part List report any piece which you enter as part of the equipment in one of the software’s pages as well as pieces which are fabricated automatically as a piece’s attachments and accessories. This report includes all the constituent pieces of an item. Moreover, this report consists of technical points, such as Roll Margin, additional length of LWN nozzles in proportion to the standard length, etc. Furthermore, the status of each Shell’s constituent plates – whether they are not set, defined by the user, or provided automatically by the software – can be viewed in Remark column.

You will, likewise, be able to produce Part List reports in your desired manner and of subjects you are interested in only.

Selecting Custom option from Part List will take you to the related menu:

Fig. 109 – (Custom Part List Menu)

Fig. 110 – (An Example of Part List Reports)

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