• Gasket

The project’s Gaskets could have entered the program through the following forms:

  • Body Flanges
  • Blind Flange For Nozzles

The project’s Gaskets, too, will compose our desired report, provided that they consist of accumulative pieces. The figure below indicates an example of this report.

Fig. 126 – (Example of Material Report for Gasket)


  • Head

Since the project’s required Heads are registered in the software merely through Head menu, Summary and Material reports do not differ qualitatively.


  • Self-Reinforce

The project’s required Self Reinforces are registered in the software merely through Nozzle menu and lack Summary report. These pieces are produced often as surface-prepared and ready to be installed on the equipment. In certain cases, too, their forged item is ordered and their machining operations are performed in equipment construction workshop. In such a case, you are to act as meticulously as possible in providing enough space for machining operations, and consider these limitations when defining dimensional parameters. An example of these reports is as follows:

Fig. 127 – (Example of Material Report for Self Reinforce)

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