Reports that are produced as Material Reports are, in fact, accumulated reports of similar pieces through the entire project, which are required to prepare purchase request. Based on that, the entire items of the project whose data are entered in the software, and enjoy similar conditions concerning their subject matter, dimensions, and material, and are accumulative are presented as a report. These reports resemble Summary Reports structurally.

Fig. 121 – (Material Reports Menu)


There is no sign of Shell (as the most basic constituent part of pressured vessels) in Material Reports, as generating such a report would not be relevant; however, the effect of its constituent materials is included in Pipe and Plate reports. To identify better, these reports are distinguished as green.


  • Total Required Material Reports
  • Profile

Pieces made of Standard Profile could have entered the program through the following forms:

  • Support (Leg)
  • Shell Stiffener from Shape
  • Extra Parts as Profile
  • Ladder & Platform


Nevertheless, that does not make any difference why we need these items when it comes to material purchase, and consequently material estimation. As a result, if the items are accumulative, they will be reported together. The figure below indicates an example of this report:

Fig. 122 – (Example of Material Report for Profile)

  • Fitting

Since the project’s required Fittings are registered merely through fitting menu, their Summary and Material reports do not differ qualitatively.


  • Pipe

Pieces made of Pipe could have entered the program through the following forms:

  • Shell (Pipe)
  • Nozzle
  • Extra Parts as Pipe

Figure below indicated an example of this report.

Fig. 123 – (Example of Material Report for Pipe)

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