• DXF Reports

Since plate cutting is usually done with CNC equipment, two-dimensional Nesting output also encompasses cutting files with Dxf format. In other words, one AutoCad file is provided to you per cutting plan, which includes table of pieces’ complete features. One of the important reasons behind resisting permanent data changes (or even temporary ones) is the complexity and time-consuming state of effects that these changes exert on our estimation process. The ultimate goal in using Nesting is getting access to material purchase list so as to evaluate the minimum required materials of the project highly accurately, precisely, and as quickly as possible. Considering the fact that project data are constantly subject to change, completion, and correction, possessing a powerful and brisk tool which can continuously monitor this process and guarantee this path’s renovation is not only reassuring but enjoyable, as well! Do not worry about any change or correction occurring to the project process as long as you have this tool; rather, welcome it since a number of clicks are required for rendering it up-to-date! The best cutting patterns are consistently at your disposal in Nesting process. The best patterns are a combination of the minimum primary materials, the minimum waste, and the minimum cutting expense. Making use of its results, thus, accelerates and economizes your project definitely.


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