• What Is the Most Important Achievement of Nesting?

One of the important achievements of Nesting reports is statistical data on the status of consumed items in the project in a way that we can carry out the allowed substitutions by viewing the needs and the extra materials, and prevent dissipation of primary materials, purchase variety, and the cost of maintaining the extra materials. To begin this discussion, first look at an example of pipe-related Nesting report in the figure below.

Fig. 150 – (Example of Pipe-Related Nesting Report)


The first record of this project deals with the amount of the required pipe as large as 1 ½ inches with Sch. 160 and SA-160 Gr.B material. According to the statistics produced and reported by the software in Part W (Kg) column, the noted project requires 1 kilogram of pipe with aforementioned features. However, since standard pipes are manufactured in the market in six- and twelve-meter lengths, we must order a six-meter standard length as heavy as 43.5 kilograms. In this case, 42.4 kilograms of this pipe will remain as extra which is not currently usable. The second record of the project (green row) deals with the amount of the required pipe as large as 1 ½ inches with Sch.80 and SA-106 Gr.B material. There is no doubt that substituting this pipe for Sch.160 is technically approved because in case there is any substitution, the pipe’s size and material will remain unchanged and the use of higher thickness under these circumstances will be permitted. In this case, besides using the extra part of the first record, there will be no need to order the second record. A glance at Nesting report’s results reveals that we can identify the usable extra parts as substitute and use the extra parts instead of ordering various items. The report will be provided to you in an organized form. Thus, identifying the substitutable items will be a fairly easy task. On that account, you are to correct the piece registered in the software as Sch.80 with Sch.160 so as to get a result similar to the next figure.

Fig. 151 – (Nesting Report after Using Extra Items)

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