• One-Dimensional Nesting

We require one-dimensional Nesting when the authenticity of the pieces limits to their material and cross section. This situation resembles the time when we want to estimate the materials for a metal construct project or a Piping one. In this case, equal pieces in both size (with regard to cross section) and material can be placed by one another.

  • Two-Dimensional Nesting

We require two-dimensional Nesting when the authenticity of the pieces includes their material and thickness. The pieces’ direction gains significance in two-dimensional Nesting, as well, and we cannot place each piece along with the main plate’s length or width. Two-dimensional Nesting is applicable to sewing industries, printing, glass industries, cabinet industries, metal industries, and any other activity which requires any form of superficial layout. Since any sort of inaccurate or non-optimized combination can cause material waste in two dimensions, the importance of achieving the best layout in Nesting increases.


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