• Archiving

Whenever you desire to file a project, transfer it to archive quite simply. Once archived, your project data will not be lost or altered; rather, they will be merely hidden and will play no part in calculations and estimates. This task provides you with a kind of virtual prioritization. Whenever you feel the need to have access to all or part of that data, you can easily restore it. To perform an archiving, click on the related icon to be led to the respective menu.

Fig. 10 – (Archiving)


It is necessary to cite that transferring a project to “Archive” will not lead to any alterations in the previously-formed groups. For example, if construction of a project’s entire items, except for one, as well as engineering operations are completed, you can archive the project; however, you will be required to either form a group containing the remained item and thus manage it individually, or transfer the remained item to one of the previously-formed groups.

In archiving menu, you will be able to see the lists and histories of all archived projects in detail. Likewise, you can easily transfer a project to “Archive.”

Fig. 11 – (Details of Archiving Menu)

To restore an archived project to its active phase, only right click on its name in Grid Area and do it.

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