• Group Definition

One of the software capabilities that is more applicable in construction factories and construction sequence, submission priorities, management strategies, and material supplies result in our approaching a particular combination of several equipment together and simultaneously is group formation. In this section, you will be merely familiarized with group information menu; however, distinctive achievements of this capability will be elaborated on quite soon. It is necessary to mention that by the term “project” in PVManage software, we mean a set of equipment which, regardless of their coexistence in a project (as mentioned above), stand together owing to reasons dealing with construction, priority, homogeneity (concerning size, . . .).

As an example, suppose that your organization has decided to manage, due to certain reasons, 4 pressure vessels from a purchase order belonging to an owner as well as 3 heat exchangers from another project and belonging to another owner jointly as a group and handle the entire equipment subjects autonomously. In that case, apart from a project, we require a group definition. To register the group specifications, click on the related icon ( ). The respective menu in the software is as the figure below. This menu consists of three distinct pages. We will register our desirable group name in Define Group page.

Fig. 6 – (Group Specifications Registration Menu)


We will select our desired item from a certain project in Biding Items page and will relate it to a group, whose name we have formerly defined.

Fig. 7 – (Relating an equipment to a Group Menu)


We can observe the list of each group’s items in Manage Groups page and remove it from the group, if necessary.

Fig. 8 – (A Group’s Equipment Observation Menu)

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