• Users’ Role and Access Adjustment

One of the significant menus of the program concerns adjusting users’ role and access in the software.

In case you install the program and intend to purchase the item individually, you are considered as the software’s admin and adjusting this page will be no longer required.

However, if as the department manager or the organization’s representative, you intend to define roles and adjust accesses for other users in your subgroup, you will be required to exert these adjustments right after your purchase.

In users’ adjustment menu, you can consider specific adjustments for each user’s activities in subgroups.

Following exerting these adjustments:


  • Your project is not relied on a certain individual
  • Do not worry about robbery occurring for your software
  • Lack of presence by a user does not disrupt your job and project
  • In cases when an individual leaves the organization or quits, you are able to deactivate roles attributed to him/her by a simple click
  • You can also exert role-assigning management by the use of your cell-phone(under construction)
  • Depending on the project’s requirements and based on your own decision, give over any part of activities at ease
  • Each user’s activities will be saved and traceable automatically


All these happen when you are the admin of a project whole items you have purchased, or have received the manager’s role from your organization’s admin!

If you offer a manager’s role (Is Manager) to one of the users defined by you, that user will play the same roles as you and can exert limitation or access with respect to other users.

To that end, click on the related icon ( ) and exert your desired adjustments with respect to each user.

Fig. 15 – (Users’ Access and Roles Adjustment Menu)

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