In this software, you can easily:


  • Define your projects
  • Integrate your projects
  • Classify your projects
  • Report your projects
  • Order your projects
  • Archive your projects
  • Group your projects according to construction priorities or purchase

You can also:


  • Provide roles for users who are under your supervision
  • Provide accessibility for them
  • Monitor their activities
  • Generate reports out of their activities
  • Limit or expand their accessibilities
  • And define users unlimitedly


Likewise, you can:


  • Document the history of changes
  • Save the history of changes to make financial claims


Moreover, you can:


  • Generate reports out of project required materials under any circumstances
  • Allocate the purchased materials to related equipment
  • Provide cutting plans


You can also prepare:


  • Part lists for your drawings
  • Their required tables in accordance with the purchased materials


These capabilities will be elaborated on in detail.

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