• Data Entering From Excel Template

Excel tool ( ) is one of the beneficial tools that can be viewed on all data insertion pages. Clicking on it, you will be able to receive the file related to uploading that very page’s data via excel, or transfer data from excel to PVManage by the use of that very file in which you have already entered your data. Note that transferring data as excel file is merely possible through the software’s own templates which will be provided to you.

Fig. 183 – (Options for Data Transferring through Excel)


Save the respective file on its intended path using Download Template File, first. Then, open it in Excel area, enter, and save your data. Whenever you plan to transfer data from Excel to PVManage software, select Upload Data From File option and specify the intended Template File’s path for the software.

Be aware that when receiving Template file, the latest data you have entered into the software up to that moment, and that you require to transfer data (such as the item number or materials that you have added to the software library along with the existing ones) will be uploaded into the software. It is thus recommended that you download the Template file, first, before starting to transfer new data.



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