There are other side tools required to work with PVManage software, which are gathered on Tools page. Results of using these tools are at times transferable to the software’s data bank and at others to the respective fields, which will be explained where appropriate.

Fig. 172 – (Side Tools Menu)


  • Ladder & Platform

Ladder & Platform tools serve as the most important tools on this page. Using these tools, you can estimate the required materials for Ladder & Platform by entering the least data and, if willing, transfer them to the software’s data bank. Keep in mind that you are equipped with separate tools for Ladder & Platform on Nesting page, and you will be able to prepare cutting plans for these materials independently. Although required materials for Ladder & Platform are generally classified in Profile group, they are categorized autonomously on Nesting page, due to the fact that constructing such accessories are managed and pursued independently from pressured equipment.

  • Ladder

Receiving brief data from your required Ladder, this tool estimates its pieces and materials based on a suggested sample (which can be used in all the projects).  Saving these pieces is an easy task, if you are willing to do so. Exerting a little amount of change in your intended Ladder’s pieces in comparison to your estimated pieces is easy to conduct, if required.

Clicking on Ladder icon, a respective menu as the figure below will be provided to you.

Fig. 173 – (Ladder Data Insertion Menu)


Enter Ladder’s dimensional data in the related fields, first. You will be able to change the Sider Bar’s variety, and enter the Ladder’s (L) total length as well as the length for its staircase in this menu, only.  Constitutive materials will be included based on what has been shown in the figure.

Example: Ladder’s Rungs of round bar profile with 20-millimeter diameters and Ladder Cage’s pieces of flat bar with 6-millimeter thicknesses will be included.

Fig. 174 – (Ladder Components in Specified Dimensions)

Clicking on Calculate option, this Ladder’s entire constitutive pieces will be shown in Grid area.

In addition to the constitutive pieces, all Ladder’s weights as well as the entire Ladders will be calculated (if the required amount outnumbers one).

Besides dimensional features, each piece’s weight can be viewed in Grid area.

If you intend to register these pieces as an equipment’s components in the software, first select the name of the desired equipment from the drop down list and then click on Assign to This Item option.






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