The software is established according to internet-based work. Accordingly, project data will be at your disposal wherever you have access to internet.

The software does not possess any hardware locks and does not require an internal network. Therefore, you are able to define users unlimitedly. This is, in fact, because roles and accesses will be autonomous in nature.

Whenever needed, you are able to install the software through the website address on any number of systems you wish. There are no limitations in that respect.

With regard to security matters, data that each organization or individual (as a buyer) saves in a system, will be saved on a server abroad (Germany) and will be supported on another server in France on a daily basis.

Once your data is saved, you will be notified of the success in saving by the system and from now onward, if you are disconnected from the software due to power fluctuations or internet problems, your entire data will be saved perfectly.

During working, any systematic or technical error reported by a single user will be resolved automatically for other users (no matter where they are) and there is no need for reports from every single user to resolve the error.

To achieve that, you will informed automatically once there is a new version.

You can provide back-up for your data in your desired time periods and save them manually on your personal computer or any other safe environment.

The qualities mentioned above serve as privileges to working with an online system and you will not be required to pay any sum to enjoy them. Organizations which, for any reason, prefer an offline system can purchase the offline version. In that case:


  • You will receive the new version of changes every three months
  • You will require an internal server as well as local accessibility of users for installation.
  • You will have to pay for the primary purchase of the software (liable to vary depending on the project numbers, items, or groups).
  • The software expert who is introduced from among the members of your institution will be in charge of producing back-up versions at regular intervals.

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