1Do we have to top up our account to view the software features?

Accessing to the software features does not require charging the account. You can also see all the features of the software through the site.

2If I overcharge my account, how is the remaining credit saved?

Your credit balance is always reserved and will be calculated as your paid-up capital. If your payment or the rest of your credit is significant, you can apply to receive it.

3What happens if I run out of credit while working?

Your credit balance is always visible in the top bar of the software. In addition, if you go a little beyond your credibility, the software will be set with the appropriate margin and it will not be a problem to continue working. But if you need more credit to continue working, you must either top up your account or delete some of the existing information to provide enough credit to enter new information.

4Where is my project information stored?

When you use the online system, all users' information is stored in a secure and encrypted space. If you use the software offline, the information will be stored on the internal server space of your institution or company.

5How many groups can I create for a project?

There is no limit to the definition of project, group, user and item on an account.

6What are the limitations of defining the number of projects and the number of items?

There is no limit to the definition of project, group, user and item on an account.

7What will happen to my data if I do not work with the software for a long time?

The information of all users who use the software online is regularly backed up on two separate servers.

8What is the number of users we can define using an account?

The number of users on each limited account is unlimited.

9Is it possible to give a user different roles in different projects?

It is quite possible and you can easily give a user multiple roles in different projects.

10Will we have access to archived projects?

Access to archived information will be as active as the project and there will be no access restrictions. Use the archive only to remove unnecessary items or projects from active.

11Is it possible to have reports in PDF format?

You can use the Report page settings in the dashboard to prepare your reports in any format.

12How can we make a report of the items ordered for each piece of equipment?

These reports will be available to you automatically if you set the report type to Excel format and select the Summary Reports With Distribution Plan option.

13Is it possible to work on several projects at the same time?

There is no limit to working on multiple projects at the same time. Just select the name of your project from the drop-down list on the dashboard to access the project information.

14When we have a shell and we want to enter its information, do we have to consider a row for each course?

There is no need to do that at all! As long as the diameter, thickness and material of a shell are fixed, enter it in a row so that the software will automatically proceed to its porcelain sheet.

15What error will be displayed if the Weight & Load page information is incorrect?

With the exception of Erection Weight, other information on this page has no effect on calculations. Erection Weight is used to prepare a Compare Report.

16What is the use of the Copy Nearest button that is present on all pages?

Using this option, you can select the closest subject to which you have already entered the information and transfer it to the grid to both save time when entering information and prevent typing errors.

17Is there a way if a row of information is deleted by mistake and we want to add it back to the existing information?

All pages have a tool called All Record History that you can use to select the deleted row and restore it.

18Is there a way to view changes in a row of information?

Using the Show History for This Record option, which is available to the right click of each row, you can review the history of all changes on a record

19What is the use of the Check Vacancy button?

This option is used to view rows that lack information but these deficiencies have no effect on material estimation.

20Is there a way to transfer data via Excel file?

You can use the Excel templates that are embedded for each page.

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