Generate DXF

One of the most exciting achievements of PVManage software is DXF providing!
Any data entered into the software and have capability to provide a sketch, will be change into an ACAD format drawing with the minimum time by the software.
It’s necessary to advise that based on the PVManage nature which reserve information of any subject part by part (and mainly separated each other), providing of fabrication drawings will be the same too. Look at the following example for more explanation:
Suppose that you entered related information for a Shell or an Head for a horizontal vessel separately. At the time of entering data, no data related to the location of these subjects asked you. For example, it’s not important for the software to identify the Head is located on the left side or right side of the vessel (because of it’s not related to the PVManage nature). So, it doesn’t matter if the software can provide a drawing that displays this head exactly where the user wants it. Or there is a same reason about the parts of a Shell.
But providing of the Head as a separated piece drawing and show it’s dimensions, and other related information is logic and possible.
Thus the software provides related piece drawing from each records and save in a predefined path. These part drawings will be as the detachable parts and user can assemble them together as an integrated drawing.

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